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54 ways to increase website traffic in 2021

Do you relate to your website traffic? Even you have used the majority, though there was no benefit.

Don’t worry … here I will show you how to increase website traffic.

Creating a magazine is very simple but getting traffic to it can be a very difficult task. However, this work is not so annoying. With quality content, the right SEO, content sales, backlinks, promotions, etc. you will be able to simply increase your magazine and web site traffic.

In this article, I will tell you about all the tricks that I can take advantage of to increase my journal traffic.

Why Website Traffic is Important?

Traffic is incredibly essential for website expansion. Simply put, traffic on a web site is like gasoline. As your traffic increases, so will your overall awareness.

It collects information about the visitor (that is, what the reader needs to read) and helps to make the correct selection.

The reliability of your SEO and program improves.

This will increase the conversion rate and help in getting lots of customers.

To earn well from AdSense.

Website traffic is incredibly essential to urge these edges.

Are all website traffic the same?

The answer is no

Website traffic comes entirely from various sources, locations, and devices. Even from completely different browsers.

for example,

If people type in a website address in their browser to visit your web site, it is referred to as direct traffic. The argument is that these people have moved to the rest of the website.

But if you get traffic to your web site from Google search, it will be referred to as organic traffic.

There are five sources for website traffic:
  • Social traffic
  • Organic search traffic
  • Direct traffic
  • Other traffic
  • Referral traffic

Social Traffic: As its name suggests, the traffic coming back from social media platforms is called social traffic.

Organic Search: This can be traffic from search engines. And this has been thought to be the most effective traffic.

Direct traffic: Once a blood group web site is detected to visit an internet site, it is called direct traffic.

Other Traffic: In Google Analytics, this traffic is not recognized by Google’s default system and shows as alternate traffic.

Referral traffic: It directs guests from one web site to alternative sites. Once one clicks on the link and visits the new web site, referral traffic is taken into consideration.

So let’s start with a way to increase web site traffic…

How to increase website traffic? (51 ways)

You do not have to have an associate degree proficient in copywriting and SEO to expand your website traffic. Just some special aspects you need to take care of. Which I have also represented below.

1. Publish quality content

This is the primary and necessary step to increase website traffic. The justification is that your content will not be helpful to the visitor and if he is unable to solve the visitor’s problem, he will not wish to visit your website once again.

Also, Google focuses very much on quality content and gives them a high rank in the program. But once Google ranks content, it uses a variety of ranking problems. However, the quality of the material remains important. Here can be a guide – A way to write SEO friendly magazine posts (22 best tips)

If you publish inferior content / skinny content on your website, Google may reduce your web site ranking.

Much inferior content / skinny content leads your website to search for penalties. Simply put, your content will not be visible within the program.

2. Length of your content

The length of your content matters for tons in search engines. Longer content gets higher performance (rank) and a lot more traffic in search engines than shorter content. So always try to write detailed, high-quality, extended posts.

But consider the mind as a factor, do not write rubbish in it to increase the length of your content. As a result of a browser reading your content, it will no longer wish to visit your website.

Here an oriented program can land for a higher understanding – SEO and user science behind long-term content

You should write any post as per your subject demand. However, any post must have a minimum of 300 words.

3. Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis is incredibly necessary to increase website traffic. This can be the most effective step in SEO.

If you regularly publish specific and extremely useful articles in your magazine, however, do not do keyword analysis for the article, your website will not rank in Google search results and your site won’t be ready to get organic traffic. Here is part of the writing to try keyword analysis.

A keyword analysis is not a problem. There are many good tools and websites within the market that will help you realize the simplest keywords associated with your article. Here I have also made a list of some Best keyword Analysis Tools, which you will realize smart keywords for your article.

Always choose keywords with low competition and high searches and for this, you will use Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

4. Use the Long Tail keyword

Keywords created with more than three words are called “long-tail keywords”. Long-tail keywords make search engines experience the content of a post.

Therefore long-tail keywords will play a significant role in increasing your website traffic. They are highly targeted. Also, the facility to expand organic traffic to your website.

Like, “How to bring traffic to the website?” The article, therefore I will not be ready to search simply by writing website traffic. As a result, I will not be able to get the right result. Thus I also like “One way to get traffic to a website” or “How to increase internet site traffic?” It’s to be written fully.

Search engines are rarely searched with the short tail keyword because we know that search engines will not give us accurate results.

You too must have searched the search engine by writing the complete question. Because you get accurate results.

Benefits of using long-tail keywords
  • Less competition.
  • Better Conversion Rate.
  • They rank well in search results.
  • Help search engines get more traffic.
For the long-tail keyword, you can use the following tools:
  • Answer the public – It suggests keyword research provided by Google and Bing and offers a unique proposal. Using this tool, you can easily find long-tailed keywords. It also shows related keywords for the keywords you search for.
  • Google AutoComplete Tool – This allows you to search long-tail keywords for any niche. Here, you need to write your main keyword. This will show you the list of long-tail keywords. You just have to choose the best long-tailed keywords from it.
  • Google Auto-Suggestion – Enter your main keyword in Google search, it will start showing you the search keywords related to the keyword. As you’ll see within the screenshot below.
13 Best Alternative Keyword Research Tools | Digital Agency Sydney | TWMG  Blog
  • Google Keyword Planner – Google Keyword Planner is the most reliable and free keyword analysis tool developed by Google. With its help, you can easily know any type of keyword whether it is a long-tail keyword or whatever. Using the Google Keyword Planner tool, you can get keyword competition, monthly searches, CPC, and many more.
  • Soovle – this can be additionally an awfully fashionable tool that helps to find long-tail keywords.
  • Google-related keyword search – If you’re trying to find a free long-tail keyword tool, this trick may be useful for you. after you seek for something in Google, when the search results, you see some keywords below that are long-tail keywords. you’ll be able to use them as long-tail keywords in your article.
Related Searches | Keyword Research | Rank Tracker
  • Ubersuggest – Developed by Neil Patel, it’s an awfully smart and fashionable keyword suggestion tool. With the assistance of this tool, you’ll be able to simply get smart long-tail keywords for your diary posts and it’s additionally straightforward to use.

5. Fix the loading speed of your website

If your website takes longer to load, Google won’t rank your website well in search results. the rationale for this can be to use Google page speed as a ranking issue. therefore you wish to listen thereto.

In addition, guests don’t prefer to visit the slow loading website. They directly exit the slow loading site and don’t come back to that site. thanks to immediate exits, the site’s bounce rate will increase, that isn’t a decent issue for Google.

Fast loading affects each web site ranking and user expertise and ranks well in search results.

Quick tips to enhance the website loading speed
  • Upgrade to PHP 7.2
  • Optimize your image size
  • Keep only useful plugins
  • Remove Unwanted Media
  • Reduce CSS and JS Files
  • Use a good cache plugin
  • Minimize redirection
  • Use a good web hosting
  • Optimize database

In addition, below are some guides that can speed up the loading of your site.

  • How to increase the loading speed of WordPress diary
  • Best plugins to increase the loading speed of WordPress website
  • How to optimize WordPress database (3 ways)
  • How to Minimize CSS and JavaScript in WordPress Site

6. Use SEO Friendly URLs

SEO friendly URL also depends on on-page SEO. This helps search engines perceive what your post is concerning. Also, try to make your URL short and readable.

The default URL structure of WordPress is not SEO friendly and looks something like this.

But don’t be concerned, you’ll be able to simply create it SEO friendly. All you have got to try to do is click on Settings >> Permalinks possibility and choose “Post name”.

How to change the WordPress permalink structure to remove dates from the URL  - Brian Hogg

If your website is extremely previous, then leave it. Otherwise, any share uniform resource locator you have got can begin showing 404 errors.

7. Link the previous article with the new article

When you link a previous article to your new article, it’s referred to as internal linking.

It has several benefits:

  • Link juice passes.
  • Pageviews Let’s Boost.
  • Let’s scale back the bounce rate.
  • Makes your content additional informative and easy.
  • Helps Google Crawl Your website.
  • Your web site SEO improves.

8. Produce High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are terribly previous Google ranking factors that Google uses to rank content on the primary page. It helps in increasing the domain authority, web site traffic, and website ranking of your site.

But bad/spammy / purchase or low-quality backlinks will do loads of injury to your website ranking. Google won’t rank your website well in search results. that’s to mention, your content can rank on the tenth page of the search result or won’t even be visible within the search result. Here may be a guide – A way to take away unhealthy Backlinks from the website.

If you wish to extend your web site traffic, perpetually attempt to produce high-quality backlinks. A hundred quality backlinks equal one thousand low-quality backlinks. You’ll be able to scan this text of ours – A way to Create High-Quality Backlinks.

Backlinks will bring massive changes in traffic to your website.

9. Transfer the location from the hypertext transfer protocol to HTTPS

Google still aspires to a secure network. Thus Google is using HTTPS collectively ranking factors. Sites that have HTTPS enabled are becoming a high rank in Google search results.

Better rank = A lot of traffic

Google Chrome started showing unsafe sites that are still using the hypertext transfer protocol. And once a visitor sees such an (unsafe) message, they immediately exit that website. As a result, the website owner loses that traffic.

If your website remains a hypertext transfer protocol, transfer it immediately over HTTPS. Here is a guide – A way to transfer hypertext transfer protocol from the WordPress website HTTPS

10. Optimize Title and Meta Description

Always make your magazine post title seductive and distinctive. Because SERPs have a large impact on visitors.

If your title visitant doesn’t find it irresistible they’ll not click on your content. However, your articles are sensible.

Use 50-60 characters for the title. If you use enough 50-60 characters for your title, it will not appear in the search results at all.

Also, add your main keyword at the start of the post title. It helps you to get an honest rank in search results. However keep in mind one problem, your keyword is low-competition and people look for that keyword.

The meta description is the text that appears below the title in the search results. This helps to extend the click-through rate (CTR) on your content.

Use your main keyword within the meta description. Google typically permits writing 150–160 characters for meta descriptions.

11. Don’t Stuffing Keyword

When you enter an excessive amount of or forceful keywords within the content while writing it, it’s known as Keyword Stuffing. This creates poor user expertise for the reader below readability and Google doesn’t love it in the least.

If you’re trying to find a WordPress SEO Guide article, then look no additional. Our WordPress SEO Guide is the best you’ll use for your web site. the newest technique associated with the WordPress SEO Guide is represented during this article.

If you think that filling keywords on the page can increase your website traffic, then you’re thinking fully wrong. This has an alternative impact on your web site. This strategy leads the positioning to a look penalty.

12. Create your website Mobile Friendly

The number of mobile users has multiplied hugely and it’s fully dominated the desktop search. Thus Google is also using mobile-friendliness as a ranking issue to enhance mobile user expertise. Here is that the guide – A way to create website Mobile-Friendly

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google can cut back your website ranking for mobile search. Due to that your website won’t be ready to rank prime in Google search results and you’ll lose a great deal of traffic for your site.

You can use Mobile Testing Tool developed by Google to examine whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you need to install a Responsive WordPress theme on your website.

13. Optimize Your website pictures

An image also can facilitate a great deal in increasing your website traffic. thus it’s important that you simply use the correct name and ALT Tag for your website pictures. It helps you to get sensible traffic from image search.

Apart from this, if you utilize a lot of pictures on your diary or web site, then it’s important to resize and compress them. This reduces your image size and improves your web site load time. Here is a guide – A way to do pictures optimization for SEO

14. Enter your main keyword within 1st 100 words

Use your main keyword/focus keyword once within the 1st 100 to 150 words of the article. This helps Google perceive what your content is concerning.

Also, take care to link vital posts within the initial few paragraphs of your website. This makes your content a lot SEO friendly and will increase the probabilities of your content obtaining the highest rank in search results.

15. Check the site’s Visibility Settings

WordPress comes with an inbuilt program with visibility settings that prevent search engine bots from crawling and indexing your website. If you accidentally check this option, the search engine may stop indexing and crawling your website.

To check this, log into your WordPress site and go to the Settings >> Readings page, and uncheck the Search Engine Visibility option.

wordpress site visibility setting - Jenny Boone Web Studio

16. Check the robots.txt file

The robots.txt can be a small document found in the root folder of your web site. This prevents search engine bots from crawling and indexing specific directories or pages of your website.

By customizing it you’ll be able to improve each SEO and Ranking of your website. But a small mistake in it will harm your website ranking. Here could be a guide – What’s Robots.txt file and the way to form excellent Robots.txt file.

17. Publish Fresh and New Posts regularly

Google provides additional importance to blogs that publish posts frequently. This will increase each of your rankings and blog readers. However, your content ought to be informative and helpful. Readers wish to scan blogs that publish content with new and distinctive plans on daily basis.

If you publish 4 posts a week but don’t publish anything the next week, your strategy is worse than publishing two posts a week.

18. Fix Broken Links on Blog

Broken links on the blog (not found 404) affect each of your rankings and user expertise. If you have got too several Broken Links on your website, Google can scale back crawl your website. Search engines (Google) can perceive that the website owner doesn’t maintain the positioning well.

Also, once a visitor visits a website that has a large number of broken links, he does not like to visit that website once again. Here is a guide – How to fix broken links in WordPress?

Suppose you visit a website and after you click on any link, you see a 404 not found error, would you prefer to go to that website again?

But don’t fret, features a free Broken Link Checker plugin that helps fix broken internal and external links on your blog. Also, this plugin automatically sets a ‘nofollow’ tag for Broken Link so that search engines do not follow them.

19. Check for Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Regularly check errors like quality problems, security problems, and crawl errors occurring in Google Webmaster Tools. If there are too many errors on your web site, then Google can crawl your website very slowly. To fasten the crawl process, fix those errors as soon as possible.

Take special care of the security problems encountered in Google Webmaster Tools. Reason: Once the webmaster tool informs you about security issues, although you do not take it seriously, Google can cut your website ranking.

Therefore, this can also be a reason for not getting traffic to your site.

20.  Established Nofollow Tag for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links

Affiliate links and untrusted / spam links damage your site’s ranking. If you add Affiliate Links and Untrusted links in your content, then undoubtedly set rel = “nofollow” tag for them.

For this, you will use the Ultimate Nofollow plugin. This plugin helps you get full control over the rel = “nofollow” tag in your diary and tells search engine bots not to ‘follow’ the link.

Furthermore, if you use a plugin to manage your blog’s affiliate links, you will simply set a no-follow attribute for your affiliate link.

21. Increase your site’s DA

Domain authority (DA) can be a metric developed by a mosaic that reflects your site’s name. High domain authority sites rank high in search engines and receive very high traffic. Here can be a guide – A way to increase domain authority on a website?

Domain authority is constructed on a scale of 1 to 100. You will test your web site using Open Web Site Explorer, DA Moz’s free tool.

Quick tips to increase Domain Authority,
  • Publish Quality Content.
  • On-page SEO – plays a very important role in enhancing DA.
  • Internal Linking.
  • Create high-quality backlinks.
  • Reject bad links.
  • Hold back and let your domain grow old.

22. Heading Tags

H1 tag helps search engines understand what your page is about and increases your ranking. However, once the remaining tags do not play an important role in your website.

There are many WordPress themes within the market that do not use H1 tags for titles. If you employ such a topic for your diary or web site, then you should use the H1 tag for your title. Never use the H1 tag quite once.

Apart from this, heading tags help you create a Readable Blog Post. Suppose you have written a post that is 5000-6000 words in length but you have not found the correct heading tag in it, then it will be painful for the reader.

23. Keep the Universal Resource Locator of the post short

Create a brief and clear URL for your post. Long universal resource locator search results aren’t totally visible. additionally, they appear dangerous and build a nasty impression on guests.

Search engines (Google) like short URLs more and may even be descriptive.

24. Purchase sensible web Hosting

Good web hosting is incredibly necessary to extend your web site traffic. If you create an error in selecting web hosting, it’ll have an effect on each of your WordPress SEO and traffic.

The reason for this is, your website will be in downtime most of the time and your site will load very slowly. Here I have listed some Best Web Hostings that we can use.

25. Use SEO Friendly Theme

If you want to bring traffic to your website, it is very important to choose a good WordPress theme. Since not all WordPress themes are SEO friendly and their cryptography is not smart.

If you choose the wrong subject for your site, it affects both your page loading speed and SEO.

Here I actually have listed some Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes. All these themes are fully SEO optimized and designed with good coding. Which can help create your WordPress website additional SEO friendly.

26. Promoting posts on social media after publication

Today every user engages with social media sites. There will be a similar user who does not use the social media website.

So after publishing your post, don’t forget to share it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest… These platforms can bring a lot of traffic to your site.

27. Use the social share button within your post

Use the social share button within your post or at the beginning of the post. So that readers share your posts on their favorite social platforms. This technique can generate a lot of traffic to your website. Here’s a guide – How to add a social media share button to WordPress (4 easy ways)

28.  Keep Your website style Clean and easy

The design of the site makes a big impression on the user. There are many WordPress themes in the market that give your site a clean and simple design. But there are many beginners who make their site so colorful that it distracts the reader’s attention.

Poor design reduces the number of visitors. Whereas a good design increases the number of visitors to the site and helps them to find more content on the site.

29. Share your recent article on a social media website

Share your recent articles often on social media sites. This boosts in building the traffic to your website. Also, your new weblog reader gets to grasp your recent posts.

For automatic sharing, you can use the Buffer or Revive Old Post plugin. These plugins automatically share your recent posts on social media sites.

30. Join Q&A Websites

A Q&A website can also be a good way to increase traffic to your website. After connecting to these sites, do not add your website link for users’ questions. Add a link with a detailed answer.

Here is a list of some of the best Q&A websites,
  • Quora
  • Mind the book
  • Amazon Askville
  • Yahoo! answer
  • Stack Overflow
  • Linkedin answer
  • Super user

31. Track Ranking Keywords of your website

After publishing the content on your website or blog, checking ranking keywords is also a very important task. For this, you can use the Google search console tool. Which is totally free and developed by Google.

Here I have shared a complete guide on Google Search Console Tools that you can check – Google Search Console Overview.

This tool helps you to simply notice ranking keywords on your website. In the next step, you have got to observe your competitor’s website. For this, you may want a SEMrush and Ahrefs tool. These tools provide detailed information on your competitor’s website.

32. Track Your Website Traffic and User Engagement

When you start getting some traffic to your weblog, track where traffic is coming back to your site? What users wish to scan on your weblog.

After analyzing all these data, you can make a better plan and create content according to the user needs of your website. You can use Google Analytics tools.

Also, when the user asks a question in the comments section, make a beautiful and informative article on it as well. There will be many other users like that user searching for the article for that question.

33. Add an image to your post

1 image is equal to 100 words. But the image ought to be associated with your content. When you add pictures to your article, it makes your content even more engaging and useful.

But keep in mind that you cannot use Google Images. They are copyright protected and might cause hassle later.

You can download pictures for your blog from free stock image sites (FreeDigitalPhotos, MorgueFile, Pixabay, Pexels).

34. Guest Post on other top blogs

The guest post is additionally an awfully effective method of accelerating traffic to your website. once you guest post on another high weblog and once the visitor of that weblog likes your post, then he also will visit your weblog. This will increase views on your website. And at a similar time, he might also become the reader of your weblog.

Also, you can get a Do-follow backlink via guest post. Which improves both DA and Ranking of your site.

But detain mind one issue, the weblog that you may guest post ought to be associated with your weblog niche.

Whereas posting a guest, keep the subsequent points in mind,
  • The site on that guests can post ought to have an additional DA and PA.
  • Post a guest on a blog related to your blog’s niche.
  • Guest post on a popular blog.

35. Comment on another blog

This is additionally an honest thanks to increasing traffic to your website. When you treat alternative blogs, several guests visit your website through your comment.

But your comment should be very attractive. If you comment like “Nice post”, “This is a very useful article” etc., then no one will pay attention to your comment and will not even click on your comment link.

Never comment on low quality or spammy site. This can harm your site ranking. Apart from this, touch upon weblogs associated with your blog niche.

36. Reply to Visitor’s Comment

Do not ignore the visitor’s comments. Always reply to their questions. So that if it goes down one more time, go to your website. Also, it makes an honest association between the visitor and also the website owner.

Apart from this, if there are too many comments on your post, then Google considers your post helpful and gives a better rank in the search result.

Avoid spam comments. If someone makes spam comments on your post, delete them. Here I have actually made a list of some Best WordPress Antispam Plugins that can help you handle spam comments on your website.

37. Make a YouTube Video of your content

YouTube is the preferred search platform after Google. Many users search on YouTube for his or her issues rather than Google search.

To create a YouTube video of your content and upload it to YouTube. Place a link to the blog post within the description of your video. You may visit your weblog by clicking on the link given within the visitor video description.

You have another like this, you’ll be able to earn tons of cash by creating videos on YouTube.

38. Write Trending Article on your blog

Write content on the connected trending article from your weblog niche. This may assist you to get additional traffic.

If your blog ranks on the primary page of a trending article from Google, then your website or blog will simply get a lot of traffic.

You will use Google Trends to find trending articles.

39. Update Old Post

Update your old posts with new information. This will provide you with a stronger rank in search engines. Search engines like blogs that keep changing their content with new info. Here is a guide – How to Update Old Blog Post

When you update your content, add a brand new image and video to that. After the change, the post, raise the search engine (Google) to crawl it once more.

When changing the post, raise the program (Google) to crawl it once more.

40. Create Email List

Email marketing can easily generate 20-30% traffic to your site. You can invite users to read your blog posts by email.

If you wish to gather the user’s email, then 1st you would like to feature an honest Email Subscription box to your weblog.

41. Create a Sitemap for your site

The website map doesn’t boost your site traffic, however, helps search engine bots crawl your website content higher and index them quicker in search engines.

If you’re utilizing Yoast SEO or Jetpack on your website, they permit you to simply produce an XML Sitemap.

42. Use Cache Plugin

The Cache plugin is a must for any WordPress website. The main goal of the Cache plugin is to boost the user expertise by reducing the page speed of your website. This makes your site super-fast and reduces the load on your server.

There are lots of Caching plugins available in But W3 Total Cache is the best plugin among them which comes with features like page caching, browser caching, object caching, database caching, and minification. An alternative to this you can use the WP Super Cache plugin.

43. Use SEO Plugin

SEO plugin makes your WordPress web site, even more, SEO friendly website. This gives you full control over-indexing. Also, you will be able to write a custom title and meta description for your content.

There are plenty of SEO plugins within the marketplace for WordPress sites. But I might advocate you to Yoast SEO. This is a very common and best SEO plugin for a WordPress website. This helps you understand Page optimization, that is, gives you suggestions for Page optimization.

If you’re a brand new blogger, then this plugin will convince be excellent for you to optimize the content higher. Here can be a guide on Yoast SEO Settings.

Features of Yoast SEO
  • You can modify the post’s SEO title and meta description.
  • The focus keyword is provided for the article.
  • Allows creating a sitemap.
  • Can edit .htaccess and robots.txt file.
  • SEO for taxonomies (category and tags) will write title and meta description.
  • [Premium] Redirect manager
  • [Premium] Automatic internal linking suggestions
  • [Premium] Synonyms & related keyphrases
  • [Premium] Proposes News SEO, Video SEO, Regional SEO, and WooCommerce SEO Extensions.

44. Set class and Tag Page to Noindex

If you index square and tag pages in search engines, these pages will cause a replication content issue in the search engine for your web site.

This can scale back each of your website traffic and ranking. Even Google can penalize your site. Here is a guide – How to Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags

45. Set Author Archives to No-index

If you have been the owner of a single-author blog, then keep it disabled. Because of the content that is on the Author Archives page, the same content will also appear on your homepage and will cause a duplicate content issue.

You can use the WordPress SEO plugin (Yoast SEO) to disable or no-index the author’s pages.

46. Use CDN

CDN improves your site performance. It creates a Cache version of the content of your website on its servers and serves the content to the users through the servers that are nearest to the user’s locations. This reduces your server load and improves web site loading speed.

Many CDN services are achievable within the market. Currently, I take advantage of Cloudflare CDN on my web site. It is a really in style CDN service that additionally provides SSL within the free plan.

47. Use Modifiers Word in Your Title

Words such as 2020 “,” Best “,” Guide “,” Checklist “,” Quick “and” Review “are known with modifier words. Along with making your title attractive, it also provides a good impression on the user. If you use these words in your title, your chances of clicking content increases.

48. Use External Link in your content in addition

When you are linking in your content to an external website, you have to keep many things in mind – the content of that website should be linked or useful to your site, that website should not be spam, its DA and PA here Even to be sensible, etc. This system makes your content very helpful for guests.

This technique makes your content even a lot of helpful for visitors.

 Also, search engines assist you to perceive what your content is concerning.

49. Use Focus Keyword related content in the content

If you only use focus keywords in your content, then it is not sensible to make on-page SEO into consideration. Use the connected keyword from the focus keyword in it additionally. So that search engines will experience your content better and rank it on the primary page.

50. Maintain Keyword Density in Content

The keyword density in any post should be 1.5% – 2%. If your content is brief (700 words) and you employ your focus keyword fairly often (10 or 11 times), then it’s not sensible in keeping with SEO. Your content cannot rank in Google and will be considered as spam content by Google. [Keyword Density in SEO]

The focus / main keyword is more to use, over and over again, you use the related / LSI keyword in your content.

51. To stay up to date with Google algorithms

It is extremely important to stay up to date with Google algorithms. If you do not concentrate on Google’s algorithms, then you may not be able to deliver the good’s success in blogging.

There are several bloggers whose blogs used to get plenty of traffic from Google search. However because the Google algorithmic program was updated, their traffic dropped considerably.

So it is important to keep an eye on the Google algorithm and update your blog with new algorithms.

52. Stay Online Active

Be active in on-line teams and websites that are associated with your website weblog. This helps you get more traffic. Comment on blogs and social media posts, answer the queries that folks are posting.

The more you have interaction with the community, the additional complete awareness can increase.

Do not add your website link within the comment. It appears spammy and can harm your website or blog reputation.

53. Google Search Advertising

You can pay to own your website seem at the highest of the search results for specific keywords. when something is searched utilizing those keywords, Google shows the search results to the user bidding on those keywords.

6 Different Ways to Use Google Advertising To Promote Your Brand — SpotOn  Digital Media

Google Search Advertising seems 1st on the search results page. This is additionally a good thanks to getting a lot of traffic to the website.

54. Social Media Advertising

If you want to succeed in new, targeted audiences, social media advertising is incredibly essential. However, all social networks offer advertising options. This does not mean that you should advertise on all of them.

When you are ready for Social Media Advertising, you need to know which networks are most popular among your audience.

Do not use Website Traffic Generators Tools

If you use any type of Traffic Exchange website or tool to increase your website traffic, then you should stop it immediately.

Traffic Exchange severely affects the ranking of your site. Google can blacklist your site.

Also, if you have placed a Google Adsense ad on your weblog or web site, then your Adsense account is disabled.

So if you are using Traffic Generators Tools to increase your website or blog traffic, then stop it now.

The Conclusion

The strategy I have told you here can increase your website traffic by 100%. But you cannot boost your traffic overnight. This is a long time process. You have to hold back in the meantime.

But keep in mind one thing Quality content is very important. If you use all these techniques on your web site, but do not listen to standard content, then all your hard work is useless. Google will not rank your content well in the search results and your website will not be able to get traffic from search engines.

Which methods do you use to increase your blog or website traffic? You can tell in the comment box.

Learn SEO

How to do SEO(22 Best Advanced SEO Tips)

Here I even have shared twenty-two Best Advanced SEO tips which can facilitate in increasing the organic traffic of any journal or website.

SEO is a vital side of any web site.

If you employ SEO properly on your website, it greatly affects your ranking and your website will get the prime rank in Google search results. Read our other content about what is SEO in digital marketing.

What is SEO & Best Advanced SEO Tips?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Improvisation. With it facilitate, you’ll be able to create your journal #1 on Google and well-liked search engines.

When we do some search by typing any keyword in Google or the other program, Google shows you the content associated with that keyword.

This content comes from all different blogs.

The journal or web site that we tend to see at the highest of the program, it implies that the SEO of that journal has been done okay.

SEO helps our journal get the quantity # one position in search results. This can be a method that puts your web site on prime of the SERPs and helps increase the number of holidaymakers to your journal.

If your web site opens at the highest in search results, then users can 1st click on your website. Thus SEO plays a vital role in increasing organic traffic to your web site.

Why SEO is important for your blog?

What is SEO? You browse higher than, currently I’ll tell you why it’s vital for journal and website?

We use SEO to extend traffic and ranking of our web site.

For example,

You have written content however haven’t done its SEO. Once a user searches connected keywords from your content, search engines won’t show your website in search results. Even though you have got not revealed the standard content, it’ll be thought of useless.

SEO isn’t a tough task, simply you have got to require care of some side.

When you use your journal SEO, you’ll not get immediate results, for this, you have got to hold back and keep doing all your work.

How many types of SEO are there?

There are two types of SEO:

On-Page SEO – Optimizing content quality, keyword, titles, tags, keyword analysis, etc. is called On-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO – During this SEO method, link building and promotions area unit concerned.

We’ve to market our journal on a social media website, attend well-liked journal and investigate their article.

Create your account on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and increase your followers, as they play a vital role in creating your web site successful.

Submit a guest post on the popular blog. This helps you to urge quality backlinks.

So far we have read what is SEO? Why is that vital for any journal or web site?

And what is the type? Currently, we are going to skills to SEO any website or blog?

So let’s start…

SEO Tutorial Step by Step Guide

First of all, you would like to follow the fundamentals of SEO Tips for your website.

First of all, you need to follow the Basics of SEO Tips for your site. Here I’ll tell you regarding some tools and plugins which can facilitate in obtaining an honest rank in the program.

Set up Google Search Console

Google Search Console may be a powerful tool developed by Google. This tool is specially designed to check however your website is an activity in Google.

It provides several options to trace your site:

  1. Search analytic
  2. Submit a sitemap
  3. Fix website errors
  4. Messages from the Google search team
  5. Google index
  6. а lot
Setup Bing Webmaster Tools

However, it is not as popular as Google. However, Bing is the best program when Google.

Bing comes with several options that don’t seem to be accessible in Google Search Console like integral keyword analysis tool.

Setup Google Analytics

The Google Analytics website is the best tool for checking Stats. This tool helps you recognize what folks are trying to find on your website and what they prefer to browse.

Apart from this, you’ll be able to additionally check the Bounce rate of your website.

Setup Yoast SEO (for WordPress users only)

Yoast SEO is that the most well-liked and best SEO plugin for WordPress journal. It comes with some important features.

  • You will modification the title and meta description of the post.
  • You will add focus keywords to your article.
  • Can create XML Sitemaps.
  • Can edit .htaccess and robots.txt files.
  • Title and Meta description is used for taxonomies (category and tags).

These are some SEO tutorials that apply to each web site.

Best Advanced SEO Tips for Easy Wins in 2021

Now let’s scrutinize the most issue of this SEO guide

1. Do Keyword Research

SEO depends entirely on Keyword research.

Simply put, Keyword analysis is that the opening of SEO. Thus it’s important that you just ought to come back to decide on the correct keywords.

Here I’ll show you Ways to try and do Keyword analysis for SEO.

a. Use Google Suggest

This is the best and best thanks to getting the most effective keywords. Simply look for keywords associated with your topic in Google search box, it’ll begin suggesting consistent with previous searches.

From here, choose an honest keyword and resolve its competition, monthly search, CPC etc. mistreatment the most effective keyword analysis tool.

These keywords are nice for optimizing your article because it comes directly from Google search information.

b. Use Related Google Search

After looking in Google, you’ll see some connected Searches below your search result that you’ll be able to use as a keyword.

c. Using Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best free keyword analysis tool developed by Google. You can use it for any niche.

Using it, you’ll see keyword competition, monthly searches, CPC, etc.

Always select keywords with high searches and low competition for your content.  Also, your keyword should be Long-tail. Here is a guide – How to research long-tail keywords and increase traffic?

Always opt for keywords with high searches and low competition for your content.

   d. Find Question Keywords

Question keywords build your content additional enticing and facilitate in achieving high CTR.

Such keywords are helpful for weblog posts.

But how to find question keywords?

For this, you’ll use Answer the public

This tool is totally free and suggests keyword utilizing Google and Bing search.

Its interface is incredibly simple to use that comes with a novel proposition and nice image.

2. Include Main Keyword in URL

The uniform resource locator helps the computer program to know what your weblog post is concerning and once we add our main keyword to the uniform resource locator, the search engines can easily find out what the content is about.

This is why you ought to add keywords to your uniform resource locator.

Also, attempt to keep your URLs SEO friendly, short, and purposeful. Here could be a guide – The way to build SEO-friendly Uniform Resource Locator

3. Start Your Title With Keywords

Adding keywords to the title is incredibly necessary per on-page improvement.

But how to add it?

To get an honest rank within the computer program, add keywords to the start of your title.

4. Use the most Keyword in a hundred and fifty words

This step makes your content even additional targeted and SEO friendly. So use your keyword once among a hundred and fifty words.

For example, during this post, you’ll see that I used the keyword “SEO Tutorial” within the initial a hundred and fifty words.

5. Use H1, H2, or H3 Tags Properly

H1 tags help boost search rankings. But detain mind one issue, don’t fill your entire content with H1 tag.

Googler John Mueller tells concerning H2, H3 tags

These heading tags in Hypertext Markup Language facilitate us to know the structure of the page.

However, it is not related to the important Google Ranking Factor.

But when it comes to search engine optimization, every little thing can help.

6. Optimize Images

An image is equal to 1000 words.

And worst of all, Google cannot read the image. It reads the image supported the Alt Tag of the image.

This is why forever provide the proper name of your pictures. Apart from this, you ought to additionally concentrate on the alt tag of the image.

7. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

In recent days, keyword Stuffing was accustomed to rank any page. But currently Google has become terribly good.

If you’re doing keyword stuffing in your content, Google will not rank your content.

Therefore, rather than utilizing equivalent keywords repeatedly in your content, use LSI keywords and connected keywords.

You can use to search out the most effective LSI keywords.

8. Use External Links

External links make your content more useful. But one issue that ought to be unbroken in mind, the linking website ought to be sure and reputable. Otherwise, your site may be penalized.

This SEO strategy shows Google that your content is trustworthy and well documented.

9. Use Internal Links

Internal linking makes your content Relevant for each search engines and users.

Internal linking makes your post informative. In addition, guests pay longer on your website that reduces the bounce rate. With the exception of this, Google considers your content as quality content.

10. Check Crawl Error

Sometimes it appears that Google is incapable to crawl. It gives crawl error for that page. As an outcome, your page isn’t worthy to rank in Google.

To check Crawl Errors, log into Google Search Console, then click on Coverage. Here you’ll be ready to see the error uniform resource locator of your website.

11. Perform URL Inspection

Many times it happens that Google doesn’t crawl your page utterly and as a result, your content isn’t ready to rank well in Google.

This is why use the uniform resource locator review possibility within the Google Search Console tool.

12. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

More than half of the searches are done by mobile.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’ll not rank well in Google. Google offers additional price to mobile-friendly sites and ranks well in search results.

Google has additionally developed a mobile-friendly testing tool to see whether or not your website is mobile-friendly. Here could be a guide – The way to build a WordPress website mobile-friendly.

13. Fix Broken Links

Broken links greatly affect user expertise and website ranking. So attempt to fix them as shortly as potential.

And for this, you can use

WordPress users will simply realize and fix it utilizing the Broken Link Checker plugin. Here could be a guide – The way to fix the broken link in WordPress.

14. Move your website to HTTPS

If you use HTTPS (SSL certificate) on your site, it helps to boost your ranking.

Google declared in August 2014 – HTTPS as a ranking signal.

If you’re running your web site over hypertext transfer protocol, send it straight off to HTTPS. Here could be a guide – The way to move WordPress web site to hypertext transfer protocol.

But if you are doing not send properly from hypertext transfer protocol to HTTPS, it will have an effect on your web site ranking and traffic extremely badly.

Even in one night, your web site traffic could also be zero.

15. Fix Website Loading Speed

If your web site is incredibly quick, it’ll rank well in Google. Here could be a guide – Eighteen ways to extend the loading speed of the WordPress journal.

Google attaches high importance to the quick loading web site. This is why Google has created the PageSpeed Insights Tool so you’ll be able to verify the loading speed of your web site.

Also, you’ll be able to use the Page Pingdom and GT Matrix tools to ascertain your website speed.

16. Create Powerful Backlinks

The process of creating links is called backlinks. This is a really previous Google ranking issue.

But backlinks ought to be from relevant and well-ranked websites. Here could be a guide – The way to produce high-quality backlinks to the web site

If you produce dangerous and low-quality backlinks for your web site, it will hurt your ranking badly.

This is a very old Google ranking factor.

Also, do not buy backlinks for your site, otherwise, you may face Google Penalty as such backlinks also include low quality and pornographic sites links.

Quick Tips for Creating Backlinks
  • Write Quality Content
  • Guest Post on another top-ranking blog
  • Submit your site to Web Directories
  • Comment on the top-ranked blog
  • Discussion Use Platforms

17. Write Quality Content

If you do not write a useful and informative blog post for the visitor, then no one would like to visit your site and the result is that you are storing garbage on your blog, nothing more.

Always try to write unique and quality content. Here is a guide – How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.[Ultimate Guide]

18. Keep Content-Length Right

Long content performs higher in search engines than any short post.

If you write your journal short post, then your post ought to be a minimum of one thousand words with none nonsense.

19. Meta Description

This plays a crucial role in increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR) on your content.

However, Google usually permits writing a meta description of three hundred characters.

If you’re a WordPress user, you’ll be able to write sensible meta descriptions utilizing Yoast SEO.

20. Add Breadcrumb

Google states that

Google Search uses crumb markup within the body of an online page to reason the knowledge from the page in search results.

21. Promote the article

After broadcasting the article, it’s important to market it. If you do not do that when you’re creating an enormous mistake.

This step is related to Off-page SEO.

Simply put, promoting your web site is named Off-page improvement.

The main reason for doing this can be to draw the interest of users and search engines.

If you promote once commercial enterprise journal posts, it helps to extend your journal traffic.

•  The way to promote journal posts after broadcasting

22. Focus on Grammar and Spelling

If you pay attention to grammar and spelling in your content, then it improves your content quality.

Matt Cutts discusses Grammar and Spelling in this video.

If this SEO Tip has proved to be helpful for you, then do not forget to share it!